Hello! I am Xhesika Berisha, a graphic designer based in Tirana, Albania. Formerly I was a Senior Designer at Akz Creative Studio for about 7+ years. During this time as a creative professional, I worked with various projects & clients as well as freelance.
I graduated from Polis University in Tirana, Albania, where I studied Art / Design & Applied Design.
My specialties are both print and interactive design with a particular interest in branding, editorial design, typography, and packaging.
Each project, big or small, is a new challenge that I want to share with my clients. I offer personalized attention, I value the needs and seek the best possible solution providing value and relevance. I like direct ideas with simple concepts that last in time, typography, the correct organization of information, and art direction.
I believe in the power of positivity; solutions, not problems; proaction not reaction. Passion, energy, and purpose, to me, are important keys to successful work.


My mission is to help my clients find, keep and grow their brand & customers through creative, smart design and print strategies. I believe in giving individual attention to each of my clients, and building a solid & lasting relationship based on results, trust and satisfaction. Your brand identity is a reflection of my work, and your satisfaction is very important. Whether you need a new identity or need to revamp your existing one, I can help!


The most difficult thing nowadays is to find someone who can help you represent your brand with dignity and truthfulness, without falling prey of cliches. A good design & a good brand identity is not a purpose on itself, but is a tool to insure a better way to live & do business. I work in what I love most, to improve people’s lives by making them feel better & happy with my creations.