ZAN was created in the framework of the brand selection competition for shops with typical Albanian products, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This was a teamwork project.

‘ZAN’ was named as an Albanian name, original, short, memorable.

ZAN – like Voice in the northern dialect.

ZAN – like Zana, mythological figure ZAN – as the root of the word Zanat (crafts).

Our goal was to give voice to authentic Albanian products, prepared by field craftsmen and spread their magic all over the world.

The inspiration for us has been the Albanian culture itself, which is quite diverse, due to its impact on other cultures in the neighboring countries. Our approach, in this case, is a modern approach at first sight, unlike the traditional one, but it is essentially born from the merging and melting of traditional elements, the interplay of which led to the creation of a contemporary brand like ‘ZAN’, which can represent fairly Albanian products internationally. The logo is applied in monochrome (black and white). This application sharpens graphically the contrast and makes the figure-background relationship (Gestalt Theory) more clearly.

The focus was on vibrant colors, so that the pattern, where these colors will be applied, to be powerful, easy to distinguish, to capture energy, and graphically describe the variety of products. Color and Pattern are the two most powerful, dominant elements, which break somehow the solidity and purity of the logo itself.